2018 craft fairs 

Circle Craft Xmas Market  nov 7-11 , booth S 4

Art Market Craft Sale  nov 15-18 , booth 505


One of a Kind Christmas  nov 22- dec 2 , booth E 48


MONTRÉAL - Coopérative l'empreinte
88 Saint-Paul St East, 514-861-4427

MONTREAL - Lola Petite Bourgogne
2652 Note-Dame St West, 514-507-1864 

QUEBEC - Boutique du MNBAQ
Parc des Champs-de-Bataille, 418-644-1036

QUEBEC - Influence Design Québec
58, rue Sous-le-Fort, 581-981-8891

how to
natural features

We use natural wood therefore mineral tracks, pitch pockets or knots may be present. We take care to choose pieces that display an acceptable amount of these features which actually gives uniqueness and caracter to each piece. 

We use a non-toxic oil finish that doesn't stops UV. Wood will naturally react to light exposure getting darker or lighter. To avoid shadow marking, do not hide part of the surface during the first months. 

Dust with a soft cloth. Once a year apply mineral oil using a clean cloth or brush. After 12 hrs remove the excess oil. 

Dempth cloth only, no soaking and no rincing under tap. If needed, use liquid dish soap on your cloth, then rince with dempth cloth. Dry carefully. 
about us

We were trained as designers. We teamed up in 1990 and are creating since then original and quite unique collections. 

Each single piece proudly marked Morin Tardif is designed and made by us in our wood studio in
 Portneuf, Qc, Canada.  

Each purchase you make from an artisan promotes cutlural diversity and a sustainable economy. Thank you !

Serge Tardif and Nathalie Morin

Monday to Friday - 9 
am to 6 pm
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